This music video is a mix of stop-motion animation and live-action video. Fellow viz student Lauren Simpson won an mtvU contest to direct a video for the band Motion City Soundtrack. I got to help with a significant part of the video, and it was a pretty ridiculously awesome experience. Everyone from the band and epitaph records and mtvu was really great to work with, and even though it was a ton of work, it was a lot of fun. I'm really proud of how it turned out, and so far the response from the band and their fans has been great.

main credits

Lauren Simpson - Director, FX, little bit o' everything
Michael Losure - Editor, Animator, Assistant Director, FX
Igor Kraguljac - Director of Photography
Jesse Cain - Producer (Live action)

We also had a ton of help and support from lots of other students and staff in the viz lab community, particularly Shyam Kannapurakkaran, Lars Doucet, Tim Weaver, Tony Piedra, Mayuri, Rodrigo Huerta, and Glen Vigus.

screen shots

watch the video

Official mtvU site:

For some reason, the mtvU site seems to be useless to anyone outside the USA. So here's a lower res youTube copy of it for anyone who can't see the version above: