I'm currently working on my Master's thesis:
"A Non-photorealistic Model for Painterly Rendered Trees in the Style of Corot".

I hope to finish sometime in May '08, and I will post a lot more results around that time. In the meantime, some of my early results can be seen in motion on in the first minute or so of my demo reel

april 2008

Almost done! The final system is pretty much in place, and now it's time to make something pretty with it. I should have more results up sometime in the next month or so. A demo movie is available here.
All of the brush strokes are generated from NURBS geometry with MEL scripts, and then rendered as particle sprites with procedural Renderman brush stroke shaders. The brush stroke shapes, detail, and color all respond to camera distance.

october 2007

Here's some of my early results, as of October 2007